We provide a full range of assurance, business advisory, corporate finance, tax, private clients and wealth management services. And we deliver them with a strategic focus and commercial approach. From audit, assurance and cyber risk management, right through to tax, corporate advisory and wealth management, we provide all the services any business needs to be certain about its past performance and confident about its future. And with access to a unique Asian and international network, we can deliver these services seamlessly in Australia and across the world.

  • Audit & Assurance

    ShineWing provides audit service and review financial reporting and disclosure statements in relation to the client’s business transactions as stipulated by statutory requirements. Our experience does not limit to commercial enterprises and public companies, we have served also non-profit and charitable organizations for their financial requirements.

    With the breadth of knowledge and expertise across industries and sectors, ShineWing provides audit services to a wide range of clients worldwide. By informing you the up-to-date standards of regulatory institutions and technological challenges, we help to identify and manage risks in order to sustain a high-performance business in today’s fast changing commercial environment. We strive to develop a global service network to ensure high quality audit services tailored to the diversified needs of the multi-national clients.

    International Audit Approach

    ShineWing adopts a consistent and high quality methodology to provide a risk-based service integrating risk assessment with systematic audit processes and robust audit tools. This quality-oriented methodology enables us to provide a constructive and strategic audit to you. Additionally, we strictly adhere to the international auditing standards, delivering independent and ethical performance, while applying technical excellence.

  • Taxation & Accounting

    Today, companies face multiple tax regulations and ever-increasing complex tax rules around the globe. It is vital that companies develop well-planned tax strategies that are fit for their businesses. ShineWing, through its professional teams in taxation with technical skills and industrial expertise, can offer the necessary guidance and support. With our global advanced management platform and integrated operational pattern, we provide comprehensive and practical tax services for businesses of any sizes.

    ShineWing offer a broad range of tax advisory services based on our clients ‘ specific circumstances and financial objectives. We provide comprehensive tax support from the basic tax compliance to settlement of disputes with local tax authorities, formulation of cross-border corporate structure or regional operations from tax efficiency perspective, and advising corporate senior executives or high net worth individuals on their tax planning.

    Gain In-dept Knowledge

    ShineWing help you to gain in-depth and up-to-date knowledge, understand fast-changing tax rules, meet the international compliance requirements, and develop practical tax solutions to ensure tax efficiency. Our advisors provide productive and proactive advice on managing tax liabilities in an effective and ethical way.

    Corporate Taxation

    • Corporate tax compliance for general and specialized industries
    • Tax provisioning and estimating chargeable income
    • Verification of tax assessments
    • Corporate tax responses, disputes and submissions
    • Withholding tax compliance
    • Certificate of residence
    • Voluntary disclosures
    • Tax due diligence
    • Tax audit assistance
    • Tax compliance for partnerships taxation and trusts
    • Tax compliance for associations, clubs and management corporations (MCST)

    Tax Consulting

    • Advance rulings
    • Tax incentive applications
    • Tax advisory
    • Tax mitigation and planning
    • Cross border transactions
    • Tax structuring for mergers, acquisition, investments and divestments
    • International tax consulting and co-ordination
    • Common reporting standard
    • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

    Individual taxation

    • Individual tax advice and planning
    • Individual tax compliance for employees, proprietors and partnerships
    • International executive tax compliance
    • Tax equalization
    • Withholding tax compliance
    • Tax resident certification

    Transfer Pricing

    • Contemporaneous documentation
    • Benchmarking
    • Support for country by country reporting
    • Assisting with Advance Pricing Agreements and Mutual Agreement Procedure
    • Assisting with arm’s length responses and disputes

    Goods and Services Tax

    • GST consulting and advice
    • GST compliance reviews
    • Assisted Self-help KIT (ASK) assistance and review
    • Assisted Compliance Assurance Program (ACAP) assistance and review
    • Assistance with MES application or renewal
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    • Advisory & Consulting

      ShineWing specialises in providing a complete range of accounting, payroll, secretarial and related services to fit any business need.

      Wide Spectrum

      Our professional teams from different markets offer a wide spectrum of advisory services, to effectively respond to the needs of our global clients. As a trusted advisor, we leverage the expertise and skills across our member firms to develop the tailor-made solutions for our clients. All business entities and even not-for-profit organisations are required by law to maintain accounts to safeguard the interests of stakeholders and ensure proper discharge of duties by office holders.

      Managing accounting, human resources and payroll at the same time could be complex and time consuming.  These become the most commonly outsourced company functions for the following reasons: Keeping up with complex rules and calculations, keeping payroll confidential, reporting timely and efficient, and direct excess to the experts

      How ShineWing can help…

      Corporate Secretarial

      Any organisation operating in Singapore and this region faces regulatory and reporting requirements, which vary from country to country.

      Meeting these obligations can impose a heavy administrative burden and be compounded if operating across regional borders.

      A responsible corporate secretary is critical for a company to comply with filing requirements.
      What is a corporate secretary?  Within any organization, a Corporate Secretary’s duties include ensuring the integrity of the governance framework, being responsible for the efficient administration of a company, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors:

      • Incorporation of Singapore companies
      • Branch or representative office registration
      • Bank accounts opening and liaison
      • Provision of named company secretary and authorised representative services
      • Registered office and corresponding address services
      • Statutory filing services
      • Corporate compliance consultation for companies


      ShineWing manages the payroll and accounting functions for hundreds of MNCs, SMEs and small businesses in Singapore, from basic to complex payroll requirement, from 2-3 persons to a large MNC with staff strength of more than 300 employees.  Our extensive experience in providing payroll services gives you the assurance of reliability and quality services. You get professional advice in absolute confidentiality.

      Increasingly, organisations of every size are discovering that outsourcing their accounting function is financially viable and improves efficiency. It frees them from the high cost of maintaining an accounting department, while ensuring timely information for decision-making and reporting. With accounting outsourced, these organisations do not need to be concerned with staff turnover, career planning, training or absenteeism. They get accounting support and can focus on their operations:

      • Accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing
      • Payroll and HR outsourcing

      Corporate Financial Services

      ShineWing works together to cover all of your specific needs in corporate finance. The services we offer are varied, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, disposal, fund raising, due diligence, valuation, etc. The clients we serve range from individual or small businesses to large transnational corporations across all industries. With our worldwide network and profound experience, we provide insightful guidance at every step of the transaction process and help to maximize your business value.

      We often execute a wide range of due diligence activities, providing an integrated service to our clients. Our integrated due diligence combines our financial diligence with commercial and operational review.

      Any organisation – start-up companies, businesses large and small and even not-for-profit organisations – that deals with financial transactions and has reporting requirements would benefit from outsourcing services.

      • Financing and Pre-IPO advisory
      • Due diligence review and rectification
      • Merger and acquisition advisory
      • Business valuation
      • Liquidation and Insolvency services
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